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On-Premises Data Centre Migration to the Cloud: Cost effective, Automations, Quick Recovery, Quick Deployments

Syntegra Solutions is an organization that provides Information Solutions to large and medium-sized organizations in Sub Saharan Africa.

The Challenge

Syntegra Solutions provides IT solutions to businesses including running and maintaining IT infrastructure, developing business applications, data analytics and e-commerce solutions. Historically, they have operated On-Premises Data Centres for hosting their clients’ servers and applications. As their customers grew, so too did the demands placed on their servers – and lengthy procurement cycles meant that growth-related performance issues could not be easily addressed. With the increasing digitalization within their customers, they were also seeing demand for hosting new applications – each of which required server capacity in the form of Production, QA, Development and Disaster Recovery environments. At the same time, the investments required into utility infrastructure (particularly clean power, and always-on connectivity), were increasing – in order to support businesses that were increasingly operating 24×7. Syntegra were looking for a solution which would enable them to easily add or subtract compute capacity, and to scale up or down – depending on workload. In addition, they were looking for protection from local utility service provider failures, and the peace of mind that customer data and backups were both secure, and accessible.

The Solution

Standard Telephones and Cables (STC) partnered with Syntegra on a cloud migration journey to AWS. With the use of AWS organizations, STC helped Syntegra to come up with an account structure to effectively share resources and manage their infrastructure from a centralized view. Going cloud meant Syntegra would only pay only for the compute power, storage, and other resources they used, with no long-term contracts or up-front commitments. For Syntegra’s backup solution needs STC turned to AWS backup and CloudEndure for the disaster recovery requirements of an RTO of minutes and an RPO achievable in the sub-second range. With AWS, Syntegra could take advantage of a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure allowing them to provision and deploy workloads within minutes and meet their time to market schedules.

The Result

Leveraging AWS cloud services, Syntegra migrated their clients’ workloads to a virtual data center. Syntegra realized massive cost savings on hardware refresh cycles and maintenance costs by utilizing the various pricing models in AWS that allowed them to pay only for the resources they were consuming.  The migration to the cloud also increased scalability, improved agility, and helped map a path toward modernization that will position the company to be more innovative. In the AWS cloud, Syntegra increased their time to market by a considerable margin thus meeting their customers’ expectations way ahead of schedule. AWS Backup enabled Syntegra to meet backup retention period requirements of 3 months. Syntegra achieved Recovery Time Objectives of minutes and sub-second Recovery Point Objectives utilizing Cloud endure. Once this migration was complete, the Syntegra team now leverage a test environment in AWS to help them further modernize the migrated applications, improve operability, and reduce overall cloud costs. This effort resulted in optimized service offerings and additional cost savings of approximately 20 percent. Further progressing these iterative improvements remains a continued focus.

Our Clients

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